Damian The Hypnotist

Damian's a Certified Master Hypnotist and a world class entertainer. For the last 12 years, he's toured the globe and has performed live in front of millions of fans. He's also appeared on televison, film, radio, and in internet specials with his sexy, hilarious hypnotism. You've never seen a hypnotist show like this before-Watch as Damian uses his powers of the subconscious mind on his audience and volunteers. You'll laugh so hard you'll fall off your chair -or you might mistake it for a lover... Damian uses his powers for good and comedic relief. 

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Hypnotism Show

When Damian The Hypnotist performs on stage, you either see the show or be the show! Get ready to be hypnotized and mesmerized by a true comedic master. Watch Damian in action online now! 

Damian may be coming to a place near you! See upcoming performances.